Track Premiere: Barbaric Horde unleash “Bestial Offensor”

logo by DianaBathory
logo by DianaBathory

Early last year, War Arts Productions released Barbaric Horde’s demo tape, Gasmask Perpetrators. Their demo was five tracks of black and death metal chaos. Blastbeats, barbed wire, blood haze, divebombs, frothy vox, and enough bestial mayhem to keep their name fresh in that grey punching bag you call a brain. Now the anonymous duo return with another five track assault tape, entitled Tainted Impurity—damn, that’s doubly unwholesome.

To best demonstrate that Barbaric Horde have only descended further into their own brand of animosity towards all life, we’ve locked down this exclusive premiere of “Bestial Offensor,” the first track from Tainted Impurity.

“Abominations, rituals, murder, perversion, holocaust,” recites the band. “Nothing is sacred, nothing is innocent. ‘Bestial Offender’ shall be considered the hammer of impurity that crushes all the hope before it exists. The final whirlwind that whips humanity’s last breath without any sign of respect. Barbaric Horde spits on the world as it is. Hail SATAN!”

Get Tainted Impurity August 4th from War Arts.