Track Premiere: Verthebral launch “Without Any God”

When all else fails to move you, you must travel to unknown locales for that pure taste of death. From the spleen of Sudamerica erupts Verthebral, a young, but eldritch-sounding Paraguayan quartet whose frenetically-engineered death metal will restore your belief in the true underground.

After releasing their obligatory demo/EP, Verthebral wasted no time in spawning their debut full length. Ten tracks of ultimate death metal chaos, Regeneration will have fans of Tucker-era Morbid Angel tearing the flesh from their faces for more.

As part of Decibel magazine’s ongoing efforts to bring our readers the freshest and most morbid tunes out there, we’ve locked down an exclusive premiere of another teaser from Verthebral’s debut, Regeneration.

“‘Without Any God’ has personal lyrics [which] speak about agnosticism, about not believing in any type of god,” says Daniel Larroza, one of Verthebral’s guitarists. “It’s a simple and honest way of thinking, no gods, no demons, no hell, no heaven, just nothing at all—defend the right to believe in nothing. It’s a critical point of view about any kind of indoctrination. The brainwashing of human beings. It’s my opinion about all religions in the world. The lyrics of this song try to awaken the reason in the people who listen and make them understand that religion is not the most important thing in life. The instrumental part was thought to create that feeling of anger and indignation.”

“The album Regeneration is a combination of all the classic elements of death metal, the essence of the 90s,” Larroza continues. “This album preserves the power and brutality mixed with the necessary technique to mark presence in the new generation of old school death metal bands. The idea when composing the songs was to keep the essential characteristics of bands from the 90s . . . combined with our own ideas.”

Get Regeneration this Thursday from Satanth (Russia), or Final Gate (Germany).