Metalocalypstick Fest Celebrates Women in Extreme Metal

The vast expanse of south central British Columbia in a town almost ironically/appropriately called Lone Butte isn’t the first place one thinks of for a female-centric metal fest. But the reality of the situation is that’s where Metalocalypstick calls home, having moved to Lone Butte from Valemount for this year’s second edition of celebration of women’s contribution to extreme music in the great outdoors. Debate amongst yourselves whether or not you find a gathering like this supportive and progressive or patronizing and exclusionary while we get festival organizer (and Anarcheon vocalist) Kaija Kinney to take time away from the undoubtedly hectic stretch run leading up to the July 1st and 2nd fest for an introduction and some information.

First off, can you give us some background and history about Metalocalypstick? What was its original impetus and inspiration and how has it changed from your initial vision to its actual execution?

Metalocalypstick Fest was an idea I had when I found there to be a lack of female-based fests in the world after researching to apply to fests for my own band. As the planning started, it became clear that this was much more than just creating a festival, it was crucial for the community!

For those not in the know, where in the heck is Lone Butte, BC and with the location being where it is, do you ever find yourselves having trouble booking bands not wanting, or able, to go too far off the beaten urban path in order to play?
Located between 100 Mile House and Barriere, BC, so far there haven’t been any complaints people seem to enjoy going to new place to play. With music festivals in the west, it seems to be the norm.

What sort of atmosphere does the location/town/fest offer and how do you feel it’s different from other fests you’ve attended or heard about? Was it a chore convincing the locals to have a metal fest in Lone Butte, which I’m assuming doesn’t regularly host metal events?
I feel the location is gorgeous simply for the fact it’s not near big cities just small communities. It gives you a real sense of being on a camping holiday. The locals all seem excited to have something going on in their area!

What’s the booking process like? Obviously, each band that plays has at least one female member and most of the bands are Canadian, specifically western Canadian. Do you ever find difficulty in attracting talent? Do you limit those that play to bands with recording/touring experience or do you accept bands that are “green” as well?
I usually reach out to a few bands that I really would like to have and then go through the band applications. Though there aren’t as many bands with females in them, I don’t feel there’s a shortage. We accept bands that show a high level of professionalism and talent regardless of super-experienced.

Tell us about being a non-profit and donating a portion of profits to local charities and organizations. What was behind this decision?
Once we profit we will be donating to Girls Rock Camp, Vancouver Rape Relief Shelter, Earth Protectors and sponsor and independent band. I feel it’s important to put into the community and also to give bands the chance to be sponsored. Musicians struggle that’s nothing new, we can’t wait to be able to help them out!

How did the inaugural year of fest go down? What do you feel you’ve learned most about putting on the fest and what are some of the challenges you’ve faced in keeping the ship running?
The fest went great! Everyone had a great time and things went mostly smooth. I feel that since there are so many things going on at once it gets difficult to answer to everyone, but it’s manageable and I have some great people behind me.

What improvements have you made in putting this year’s version together? What mistakes have you attempted to avoid?
We have upped our marketing game to get the word out about the fest. Things to avoid this year will just be [having] a strict stage schedule.

How long had you been working on this year’s version and what bands/events are you most excited about for 2017?
I’ve been working on it all year mostly. I’m super stoked for every band and very excited to get to see the bands coming from so far away like Cabrakaan (Mexico), Sovereign Council (Kingston, ON) and Atmora (Windsor, ON)!

Do you have any long term goals as to what you want to do with the fest in the future? Who’s on your booking bucket list?
Our biggest goals are to be able to donate and build an awesome community.  For me my bucket list bands would be Walls of Jericho, iwrestledabearonce, Guano Apes and Oathbreaker.

Festival Location:
Interlakes Community Association and the
Roe Lake & District Recreation Commission
7592 Highway 24,
Lone Butte, BC

Day and weekend passes plus camping available

2017 Line-Up Metalocalypstick presented by and since most of these bands are relatively unknown, here’s are some links and a chance to sample ‘em all.
Sins Of Sorrow

Breaking The Silent
Forsaken Rite
Massive Scar Era
Life Like Fire
Meteor Tree
Korperlose Stimme
Juliet Ruin
Violent Betty
Sovereign Council