10 Acts You Shouldn’t Miss At Psycho Las Vegas

Psycho Las Vegas is quickly shaping up to be one of the biggest and most unforgettable festivals in the United States this summer, with a lineup that includes a plethora of notable acts like Mastodon, King Diamond, Neurosis and Sleep.

On a bill like Psycho Las Vegas, there’s a lot to take in. Check out our list of 10 sets not to miss at the fest this August, and be sure to get weekend or single day tickets here. (Note: you can get discounted hotel tickets here with code “psych17”).

Chelsea Wolfe
On 2015’s Abyss, Chelsea Wolfe continued to experiment with the metallic tendencies of her songwriting while also residing in folk, electronic and even gothic rock. Her harrowing lyrics, ethereal vocals and dissonant guitars can easily put a listener in a trance. Wolfe’s set shouldn’t be missed despite her less obvious heaviness.

Code Orange
It’s been a big few years for Pittsburgh metallic hardcore heavyweights Code Orange. The band released latest album Forever on Roadrunner and have toured with a diverse array of artists across genres. Code Orange’s live sets have also become known for their raucous, captivating live shows.

Gatecreeper unleashed a suffocating death metal assault on debut full length Sonoran Deprivation, quickly establishing themselves as a band to watch. Claustrophobic and direct, Gatecreeper bring more heat than the desert (Arizona) they hail from.

While changing things up from previous releases, Gorjia’s Magma was a highlight of 2016 with a diverse blend of songs; some embodied the band’s progressive, sprawling leanings while others would have been a welcome addition to rock radio. Gojira recently supported Metallica on their stadium tour, and Psycho Las Vegas is another opportunity to see them share the stage with a host of metallic heavyweights.

Heavy Temple
It’s hard to imagine a better city to see the psychedelic doom trio Heavy Temple in than Las Vegas. Their The Dark Towers-themed album Chassit is an otherworldly experience, not unlike the flashing lights and surreal qualities of the Las Vegas Strip.

Decibel Hall of Fame-inducted, genre-defying Melvins have been releasing music steadily for over 30 years with a new double LP on the way. Much of the drone and sludge sounds today owe a debt to Melvins, who are sure to put on a memorable set.

Is there any stopping Mastodon? At this point, maybe not. Having grown into a massive progressive metal/rock band, Mastodon have earned their place at the festivals they’ll be frequenting all summer. A prominent spot at Psycho Las Vegas continues Mastodon’s upward trajectory.

Neurosis are a cornerstone of experimental metal. Three of their albums reside in Decibel’s Hall of Fame and their most recent Fires Within Fires was another impressive release from the veteran band. Neurosis’ reputation for an unforgettable live show makes them a must see.

As headliners of the inaugural Decibel Metal and Beer Fest this year, Sleep wowed the crowd with a loud-as-hell performance in front of a projection of a marijuana field. They should not be missed.

Zeal & Ardor
By combining black metal and slave spirituals, Manuel Gagneux created Zeal & Ardor, one of the most eclectic and unprecedented black metal albums in recent memory. On such a diverse festival, Zeal & Ardor are likely to be right at home.