Track Premiere: Ljosazabojstwa overwhelm with “Piekła”

Back in March 2016, we covered Ljosazabojstwa’s demo Staražytnaje licha, and now—only fourteen months later—we’re pleased to report that LSZB have met the promise of their demo and then some. At six tracks in thirty two minutes, LSZB’s follow-up EP, Sychodžańnie, is a mind-rattling hellride through the darklands of humanity’s subconscious. One minute you’re headbanging, rejoicing in malicious riffs and howls of ancient rancor; the next you’re cowering in deeply-embedded, instinctual fear beneath the wailing sirens of doom. And that’s just in the song “Piekła.”

“The trip to the Apocalypse proceeds on the Sychodžańnie record, with ‘Piekła’ as the centrepiece of the nightmare exhibition,” explain the unknown members of Ljosazabojstwa. “With the lyrics preaching profane truths to the face of god. A tortured soul descends into the void bawling in pain and agony.”

At your own risk, enjoy “Piekła,” your first glimpse at the nightmare to come.

Get Sychodžańnie in June from Hellthrasher Productions.