Full Album Stream: Wormwitch – ‘Strike Mortal Soil’

Wormwitch have taken aim and are prepared to Strike Mortal Soil with their debut album, a marriage of black metal and rock ‘n’ roll, streaming below. 

Strike Mortal Soil has become the basis for everything we want to do as a band, and as people,” Wormwitch tell Decibel. “Content wise it’s full of our emotions and passions, and sonically it’s very exploratory, becoming more focused as time went on, but riddled with our growing pains. The end result is this wild concoction that’s sort of pulling itself in a lot of different directions, but it’s glued together by our singular passion to make the best music we possibly can. The Wormwitch that emerged from this process is keener and sharper than it ever has been.”

Strike Mortal Soil does indeed show keenness and precision as Wormwitch power their way through the album, from the acoustic introduction and cry for annihilation on “As Above” to the driving heaviness of “So Below.” 

Prosthetic Records will release Strike Mortal Soil on May 12. Preorder it in advance.