Track Premiere: Cemetery Urn reveal “Weakened Mortals Bleed”

Hail Cemetery Urn, pitiless purveyors of Australian Barbaric Death Metal. Today the band issue a warning of the forthcoming mass depredation in the form of a four and a half minute decapitator deemed “Weakened Mortals Bleed.” Now featuring the viscous and fiery invocations of Chris Volcano (see also: Abominator, and Ignivomous [drums]) and “human drum-machine” Matt Maniac (check out Oligarch!), “Weakened Mortals Bleed” is a pants-ruining glimpse of the destruction that lies in store for us once Cemetery Urn’s third album is unleashed upon the world. “Weakened Mortals Bleed,” the third track from Cemetery Urn, begins with arpeggiated notes like the shimmering sable curtain veiling your worst nightmare. And before you know it that curtain is yanked back and various instruments of torture begin hacking away at your mind, body and spirit. 

Once more, but now more than ever, Cemetery Urn find new and inventive ways to wield their bludgeoning death metal without stepping beyond the realm of barbarism and amoral cruelty. So, put in your mouthguard and check out “Weakened Mortals Bleed.”

The members of Cemetery Urn warn that “listening to ‘Weakened Mortals Bleed’ is like literally being drained of blood, struggling to stay above the surface of consciousness and having your own life force ripped from you. Prepare to be rendered void . . .”

Get Cemetery Urn June 9th from Hells Headbangers.