Track Premiere: Soulskinner unfold “A Spectral Vision”


Soulskinner have to be Greece’s best kept death metal secret. Having existed since 1997—at least as Soulskinner, since they went by Terra Tenebrae before that—Descent to Abaddon is the Athens-based quartet’s fourth full length. Featuring guitarist Bill Zobolos and vocalist Gothmog, lately also of Thou Art Lord, Soulskinner will take you by surprise.

It’s our pleasure, then, to bring you this exclusive premiere of track 8 from Descent to Abaddon,  “A Spectral Vision”—not the best song on the new album, but absolutely one of them. I’m partial to the menacing grooves of “Nemesis” myself. Nor is “The Dead Have Ravished” to be slept on. Overall, the record is Greekly perfect dark and doomy death metal that sneaks up on you again and again. But for all its killer and inventive riffs, its hauntingly plaintive duel solos, and its bewitching grooves, you won’t find a better portal into the underworld of Soulskinner than “A Spectral Vision.”

“Our new album is the best we’ve released so far,” says the band. “Dark, raw, melodic and aggressive at the same time. Everything in this album—music, lyrics, atmosphere, production, cover—make up a set that is totally representative of Soulskinner in 2017. Get ready for totally dark, original, old-school death metal.”

Cover art by Mark Riddick. Get Descent to Abaddon May 22nd from Xtreem Music.