Label Spotlight: Ultimate Massacre Productions


Underground label Ultimate Massacre Productions hails from Prague, Czech Republic, doling out vicious death metal from around the globe. Decibel talked to label co-owner Mallika Sundaramurthy to talk about the past, present and future of Ultimate Massacre. 

Read the interview below, and check them out on their website, Facebook and Bandcamp

Why did you start Ultimate Massacre Productions? 
Ultimate Massacre Productions was started in Czech Republic by Serge Rhino in 2012 as an official licensed merch store, and became a full-fledged label in 2014 with the signing of Mexican death metal band Human Decomposition. I started working with Serge on the label in 2015, and since then we have grown the roster to 9 bands and have released 5 albums thus far. Serge and I are both musicians ourselves in active death metal bands, and the label was started as one more way to support other bands and the metal scene.

How would you describe the music you release through the label? 
Ultimate Massacre Productions specializes in extreme metal, mainly death metal.

What are your favorite releases you’ve put out so far? 
Our favorite release so far has been Imperium – Titanomachy, released on May 7, 2016. This is a band that has blown us away with their level of musicianship, technicality and brutality, with beautiful melodic interludes. They are like the Greek mythology version of Nile. We are proud of all our releases, and they carry our stamp of quality extreme music from some of the best bands in the genre!

I’m sure running an underground record label comes with challenges. What is the biggest challenge you encounter running Ultimate Massacre? Conversely, what makes you want to continue despite these challenges? 
You can say that again. Everything we do is a challenge with the state of the music industry today. I suppose the biggest challenge has been growing our audience and getting the word out about our bands. So thank you for this opportunity to talk about the label. What keeps us going is our passion for the music and our desire to help bands that we believe in to reach their potential.

Looking toward the future, how would you like to see Ultimate Massacre Productions grow? 
We would like to continue releasing compelling albums, growing our roster, and to expand our reach to present our bands to a bigger audience. We would like to grow the label but to at the same time keep the personable, small label family vibe that we have now.