Full EP Stream: Crushed – ‘Deep User’

Crushed take a lot of inspiration from aggressive, thrashy NYHC but they also draw plenty from noise rock influences, a sound that becomes immediately apparent on their new EP, Deep User

The metallic hardcore outfit’s EP bites hard, with more than enough riffs and mosh-worthy breakdowns to lose your mind to. It’s the noise rock elements that set Crushed apart, though; each track has an extra, insane layer to it, courtesy of the charged-up static. 

“When we set out to write Deep User, the goal was pretty simple — write a fucked up hardcore record for someone who appreciates Blood For Blood as much as the Cocteau Twins,” frontman Fred Miketa tells Decibel. “Lyrically, the EP is basically a narrative that shitty hardcore dad-types living in NYC may have experienced at one time or another: coming to terms with getting old and dying soon (and it not mattering), struggling with annoying shit like drinking and taking drugs too much, hating Narcs and Narc culture and trying to be better despite knowing we’re all worm food. Deep User, for me at least, channels the spirit of hardcore as it was presented to me so many years ago — doing something unique, in my own voice, that acts as an ‘outlet’ for the horseshit we face every day. Maybe it’s emo or cliche, but hopefully there are some freaks out there that can relate and get it.”

Deep User is out April 14. Buy it here. 

Photo by James Hartley
Photo by James Hartley