Full EP Stream: Obsidian Shrine – ‘Infernal’

Plenty of black metal thrives off of a deep-seated hatred for Christianity. It’s been that way since its inception, and isn’t likely to change courses anytime soon. So, following that logic, the best way to raise an evil-sounding US black metal group would be to put them in Nashville, Tennessee, in the heart of the Bible Belt region. 

Obsidian Shrine prove that train of thought correct with their demo, Infernal. Three tracks of cold, blistering black metal, Obsidian Shrine summon a pair of originals and a cover of Venom’s “In League With Satan.” 

It isn’t just Christianity under fire on Infernal. Though their background is mostly shrouded in darkness, Obsidian Shrine’s biography reads: 

“From the depths of the bible belt in the U.S.A. five individuals disgusted by the state of the world’s decay have come together with one common focal point, and that is to attack all religious foundations at their core. All major religious doctrine is founded on blind faith with no evidence and the ignorant prejudices of man.” 

Infernal will be released physically through Static Tension Recordings on April 21 and can be preordered here. Obsidian Shrine have also told Decibel that they plan to release their debut full-length, Anno Domini Satanas, in the fall through Static Tension Recordings, Dark Horizon Records and Graven Earth Records.