Label Report: Witches Brew

Label Report is a new weekly column shedding light on underground labels releasing extreme metal, whether it’s death, black, thrash, heavy, speed, doom or something else! This week is Witches Brew.

Hailing from Germany, Witches Brew have spent the last fifteen years releasing a multitude of thrash, death and heavy metal albums, EPs and splits. While they’ve released albums from heavyweights like Toxic Holocaust in the past, Witches Brew haven’t slacked off in recent years. 

Bands from around the globe call Witches Brew home, releasing new recordings as well as reissuing rare or out-of-print gems. For the first edition of The Label Report, sink your teeth into a few of the label’s recent choice cuts. 

FyrecrossBurn Them to the Ground 
Technically a CD reissue of the Greek heavy/speed metal crew’s debut EP, Burn Them to the Ground is heavy on shredding, galloping riffs and soaring vocals. Album opener “Fyrecross” begins with a guitar solo. Elsewhere, technical leads intertwine with the songs’ driving riffs to attack from both sides. 

HellfireGoat Revenge
The goat’s revenge is evil, whatever it is. Hellfire deliver an incinerating death/black metal fusion, combining meaty death metal riffs with tremolo picking and blast beats. Guitarist/vocalist Karargh howls like a man possessed, blending throat-shredding black metal shrieks and death metal growls. 

CalamityImminent Disaster
Calamity play technical thrash that strikes with an unusual amount of aggression. Furious guitar playing and energetic vocals take the lead on Imminent Disaster, seamless transitioning from furious six string assaults to air guitar-worthy solos and back. Another reissue, Calamity have included a bonus track on this version of their album. 

You can find Witches Brew on their website, on Facebook and on Bandcamp