Track Premiere: Trappist – ‘No Corporate Beer’

With the Decibel Metal & Beer Festival less than six weeks away, what better time to introduce you to a band that may have written and recorded what could easily be the festival’s theme song. Southern California power thrash trio Trappist (whose name gives a nod to the Trappist or abbey ales brewed by Cistercian monks in [mostly] Belgium) features extreme music legend Chris Dodge along with Phil Vera (Despise You, Crom, 16) and Ryan Harkins (co-owner Grill Em All, ex-Killed In Action drummer). Not surprisingly, the favored topic of the band’s songs is beer. They’re like the L.A. hardcore version of Tankard. Only better.

As avid imbibers ourselves, we’re of course thrilled to offer you the first listen of Trappist’s debut demo. Dodge assures us that not only are there many additional tracks already recorded (and will soon be posted at the Trappist Bandcamp page), but that a Relapse release may be in the future.

So, here we present Trappist’s “No Corporate Beer,” a pit-churning blast against macrobrews and the sheep who drink them. Cheers.