Full EP Stream: Devouring Star – ‘Antihedron’

Finnish black/death dealers Devouring Star have built a sprawling landscape on their EP Antihedron. Three songs of epic length and scope, Devouring Star invoke atmospherics and slow, churning death metal that create a larger-than-life feeling.

EP opener “Breath of the Void” sets the tone for the release as introductory noise and feedback build into the walls of sound and riffs the song is made from. “Star Below” and “Angel of Null” present the same combination of large atmosphere and immediate, crushing instrumentals. 

Antihedron gives the feeling that the listener is lost in the cold vacuum of space, like the music and vocals are coming from somewhere in between two dying stars. 

Devouring Star will release Antihedron via Dark Descent Records on March 24. You can preorder the album here.