Full Album Stream: Gorephilia – ‘Severed Monolith’

Finnish death dealers Gorephilia are ready for action with their new full-length, Severed Monolith. The album is out on March 3, but you can hear it in its entirety right here. 

Cavernous vocals, intricate drumming and a plethora of solid riffs are littered throughout Severed Monolith, ripping through the album like the unfortunate soul in the artwork. Though the album doesn’t sound particularly cosmic or space-oriented throughout like the artwork indicates, the idea shows up, particularly in song titles like “Return to Deep Space.”  

Gorephilia pushes straight through on Severed Monolith, rarely giving the listener time to slow down before they’re into the meat of the next song.

Dark Descent Records will release Severed Monolith on March 3. Grab a copy of the album here