Streaming: Förgjord’s “Uhripuu” & “Vahvempi kuin koskaan”

Formed in the mid ‘90s, Finland’s Förgjord are an odd and vicious beast from a scene where nasty oddities are more than permitted, they’re practically required. After garnering some attention with their debut full length in 2008, Ajasta Ikuisuuteen, the then-duo went on to release their critically lauded sophomore album, Sielunvihollinen, all the while eschewing the limelight. Now, in 2017, Förgjord have secured a drummer, are poised to release their third full length to date, and appear to have perfected their bewildering mix of melody and madness, dignity and cacophony, insanity and preeminence.

Named after a type of tree considered sacred in Finland (and Estonia), a tree that marked a “place of self-sacrifice,” Uhripuu is a disconcerting foray into the tortured minds behind one of Finland’s darkest secrets. Trust us, unless you’ve heard them before, you’ve never heard anything quite like Förgjord. “Title track is about sacrificing oneself for others, the ultimate gift for greater good,” relates the members of Förgjord. “Blood will live in others and so one can live eternal.”

Regarding Uhripuu’s fifth track, “Vahvempi kuin koskaan,” the band explains: “‘Vahvempi kuin koskaan’ (‘Stronger than ever’) is continuation of our oldest song ‘Fratres Militiae Inferi.’ Even if the years gone by, our brotherhood will go on stronger than ever before.”

Get Uhripuu March 10th on CD from Werewolf / Hells Headbangers.