Track Premiere: Falls of Rauros “White Granite”

Many folks on the east coast will get their first look at Falls of Rauros in April at the inaugural Decibel Metal & Beer Fest in Philadelphia. However, the Maine-based black metal exemplars have been honing their folk-laden craft for well over a decade now, which isn’t exactly a newsflash to anyone who as worshiped at the feet of underground classics Hail Wind and Hewn Oak and 2014’s Believe in No Coming Shore.

The band’s fourth LP, Vigilance Perennial, drops March 31 via the always-reliable tandem of Nordvis (Europe) and Bindrune (U.S.), but Decibel has an early treat this morning in the form of “White Granite”

Full disclosure: Decibel has been rocking Vigilance Perennial on almost a daily basis for the past month. An epic testimonial to their powers of composition, orchestration and production, fans of Panopticon (and honestly most everything on Nordvis and Bindrune) are encouraged to pre—order physical copies here and iTunes digital versions here.