Track Premiere: Black Cilice commences “Channeling Forgotten Energies”

On their fourth full length, but twenty-second release (give or take), Black Cilice is nothing if not consistent. Even as Black Cilice’s popularity grows, their albums continue to challenge the would be casual listener with punishingly blown-out acoustics and no immediately discernable foothold. However, in spite of the growing horde of Black Cilice supplicants (typically a deterrent to black metal fans), and the band’s recent melodic leanings, Black Cilice doesn’t seem to be losing any fans either. Again, consistency begets loyalty.

We could enumerate the myriad reasons why this one-person Portuguese black metal band is one of the most interesting bands in extreme metal today—and wed have a great time doing it, too. Just as we could totally delineate the many highlights of Banished from Time. But then we’d not only be dispelling much of Black Cilice’s mystique, we’d also be spoiling the surprise of—seriously—how absolutely chilling the new record is. So, to antagonize your desire to hear the new Black Cilice record, we’re privileged to bring you this exclusive premiere of “Channeling Forgotten Energies,” from Banished from Time.

Dat chain tho! 
Dat chain tho! 

Black Cilice would not be reached for a quote, rather stream their singular voice below.

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