Full Album Stream: Pestifer – ‘Execration Diatribes’

There must be something in the water Pestifer’s been drinking. Something that lends the Portuguese trio the ability to rip and shred through their debut album, Execration Diatribes, with ferocity. 

“Death Metal, as philosophy, must dominate, and modern times are too weak for this type of achievement,” the band says. 

Such a belief might explain Pestifer’s sound. Comparisons to Morbid Angel, Sepultura and others in that vein will probably be unavoidable but Pestifer offer their own sound beyond their influences. 

Below, you can hear an exclusive stream of Execration Diatribes in advance of its February 14 release date. Keep reading for more comments from Pestifer about the themes and ideas heard on the album. 

Execration Diatribes appears in a continuum of pure dedication and search for the most capable formulas to identify the band as one,” the band says. “We intend to do it well, according to blasphemous, cruel and furious precepts. In terms of thinking, spirituality and perceiving one’s own limits, this is our own manifesto.

Execration Diatribes is above all a catharsis of repudiation of the various organizations that intend to keep Man as a subject far from his individual nature. It is to say that there is an alternative and each one should be able to find it. Opening the mind to possibilities is the most exciting part of living this carnal existence. Knowing that there are choices and selection is not as limited as some portrait or statue and the commonly accepted principles may, in fact, be intentional lies.”

Lavadome Productions is slated to release Execration Diatribes on February 14, so if you’re lacking a sufficiently brutal Valentine’s Day gift, you can pick the album up here