Track Premiere: Venenum issue “Cold Threat”

After releasing an absolutely stunning debut at the advent of the current decade’s old school death metal resurgence, Venenum seemed then to ebb back into the darkness from whence they came. That is, as much as their fans would allow them. For who among us can say they’d forgotten about Venenum since the release of their self-titled EP/demo in 2011? Who can say that they haven’t been waiting with bated breath for news of fresh Venenum material?

Well our dark offerings must have been received for the wait is finally over. We here at are honored, privileged and fucking psyched to bring you the premiere of “Cold Threat.”

When reached for a statement, Venenum had this to say:

You think you know, you can see what’s ahead
That there’s no danger, that it’s all in your head
But soon, very soon you’ll realize
In the darkness lies more than meets the eye . . .

Get Trance of Death from The AJNA Offensive from March 17th.