Obituary Release New Song In Advance Of New Album And Decibel Magazine Tour

Death metal legends Obituary are gearing up for the release of their self-titled tenth studio album, and they just dropped a new song from it. 

Titled “Turned to Stone,” a slow, heavy riff opens and guides the song. True to form, Obituary locks into a groove that can be interrupted only for the guitar solo. In summary: Obituary is still crushing it. 

Obituary hits the streets on March 17, which is conveniently when the Decibel Magazine Tour kicks off in Charlotte, NC. Not only does the tour feature the opportunity to catch the Florida death metallers in action, they’ll be sharing the stage with the also-legendary Kreator, Midnight and Horrendous. 

You can get a preorder for Obituary’s new album through Relapse here and a ticket for the Decibel Magazine Tour 2017 here