Track Premiere: Lecherous Gaze Board a UFO to Find the “Thing Within”

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Photo credit: O

While Lecherous Gaze’s self-described “psycho-delic shred-tastic ultra-hyphened rock-punk heavy jams” may be difficult to categorize, their origin preps you for the noise ahead. Born from the wreckage of hardcore punk crew Annihilation Time, the Oakland rogues started out jamming Black Sabbath covers before officially forming. On both Zeta Reticuli Blues and their On the Skids debut, Lecherous Gaze splice Black Flag’s sweat and blood with heavy blues and Motor City garage rock. On their new raging hyphen-fest One Fifteen – out February 10th from Tee Pee Records – they blast their raucous punk ‘n’ roll into outer space in search of alien lifeforms – and a bottomless hyphen resource, of course. Add a cover from legendary fantasy artist Frank Frazetta (RIP), and One Fifteen is one gnarly intergalactic expedition that proves Saturn’s rings are actually made of crushed beer cans and spent joints.

Check out “Thing Within” below, and come up with your own hyphenated genres in the comments section. Also read guitarist Graham Clise’s sci-fi recommendations during his understandable Frazetta gush session. But first, time to discover the “Thing Within.”

After Zeta Reticuli Blues, did the band have any discussions about where they wanted to go with One Fifteen?

Graham Clise: Not really, half the music was already written for One Fifteen by the time Zeta Reticuli Blues came out. We’ve never sat down and been like “oh let’s sound like this on the next record.” The only musical direction we have ever consciously made is to not attempt to do something in a particular style. We just write the tunes that come naturally to us with no real aesthetic or musical direction in mind. We’re really into Chuck Berry and The Pink Fairies and The Damned and you can hear the influences, but we aren’t trying to sound like ’em or be overly derivative of anything, which makes us a little difficult to market. But, we’ve never really been too concerned with that side of being in a band either.

With the Frazetta cover and cosmic themes of this record, what Sci-Fi and Fantasy movies/books/etc. have influenced and entertained you through the years?

Clise: Getting the Frazetta art was a dream in itself. Frazetta is one of the first names to come to mind when I think of Sci-Fi or fantasy art. Aside from loving the guys art, he’s done a ton of seriously awesome record covers back in the day of bands we respect as well. It’s an honor to join the Frazetta club next to Nazareth, Molly Hatchet, and Dust just to name a few. We got a damn fine looking record! It really fits well with the Sci-Fi theme of the whole album. We’re big into Sci-Fi movies like Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Angry Red Planet, The Last Man on Earth, and War of the Worlds. The Day the Earth Stood Still is a really big one. That movie depicts a selfish and war-like humanity getting a sort of divine intervention from a distant extra-terrestrial civilization. In the movie, Man is given an ultimatum to stop killing each other or face total annihilation. Naturally, one would think if there were advanced civilizations out there they wouldn’t want us to have the technical ability to travel to other worlds with our present day mindsets. What would stop us from trying to nuke another civilization seeing that we’re totally fine with killing each other on our own planet?

Another influence was the rumors that there’s been recovered UFOs and there’s a team of scientists at a secret facility in Nevada fucking around with flying saucers. Whether or not that’s true, it’s a cool story and it’s been a topic of lots of debate for over 20 years. You gotta love a good mystery, and the whole UFO phenomenon is a perfect theme for a rock record. I also like the idea of some little alien guy floating around in a tank filled with liquid in an top secret military hanger.  

Are there any concrete touring plans for Lecherous Gaze?

Clise: No plans right away. I’ve recently moved to Australia so that makes it a little difficult to hit the road right away with visa stuff and getting settled in. Would definitely like to do America and Australian tours. Maybe Europe again, we’ll see how it goes. If enough people bug us to hit the road and make it worth our time then we’ll do it.

Pre-order One Fifteen from Tee Pee Records HERE and spin that shit until your vertebrae crumble into dust. And follow Lecherous Gaze on Facebook HERE so you find out ASAP if the members spot a UFO during a whisky run.