Track Premiere: Front Beast present “Rape the Corpse of Christ”

Front Beast are an institution in the underground black metal scene. Since 1999, sole member Avenger has designed, hoisted, and carried, again and again, their standard of archaic black metal in prolific opposition to all life. After countless splits, demos, and two prior full lengths, the name Front Beast has come to signify dark talent and clandestine revelry. With zero frills or gimmicks to alert the hipsters; completely devoid of the purple bombast plaguing much of underground scene; simply put: Front Beast is for ‘heads who are still reconciling Bathory self-titled.

It is our pleasure, then, to bring you this contraband from aphotic depths. “Rape the Corpse of Christ” is the sixth track from Front Beast’s third statement of staunch resistance, Third Scourge from Darkness. Leaner than its opener, “Journey to Golgotha,” yet “Rape the Corpse of Christ” climbs to howl from similar heights. As Avenger himself says: “With a bit of faster parts which is more or less unusual for FRONT BEAST. A nice lead guitar melody followed by a riff very influenced by the 90’s hellenic black metal. The lyrics (unlike 6 other lyrics from the album) are written by myself and are pure primitive blasphemy in total PROFANATICA style.”

From Third Scourge from Darkness, here’s the exclusive premiere of “Rape the Corpse of Christ!”

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