Video Premiere: Dead Conspiracy – ‘Paralyzed With Terror’

It took Dead Conspiracy a few years to release their full-length, coming in November 2016 after forming in 1987, releasing numerous demos/EPs/splits and reforming (read more about that here). Dead Conspiracy is the band’s first album of original material, and you can hear it in full here

After independently releasing their self-titled album, Dead Conspiracy kept moving to premiere the music video for album closer “Paralyzed With Terror.” Aesthetically, the video is reminiscent of many black metal videos. It takes place in a forest, with heavy effects, including shots of Dead Conspiracy playing layered over the forest shots. 

If you missed the record, “Paralyzed With Terror” is the fast-paced death thrash that Dead Conspiracy have performed throughout their career. Brevity is the name of the game as Dead Conspiracy rip through the song and video in under three minutes, but that’s no worry since the Portland death metal crew don’t waste time with intros or filler.

Dead Conspiracy self-released their album in November. Digital and vinyl copies are available through their Bandcamp