Track Premiere: Disharmony open “The Gates of Elthon”

Regardless of how you may feel about the state of nowadays black metal you’ll want to check out this long overdue debut album from Athens’ occult black metallers Disharmony. Having formed in 1991, Disharmony released three demos, and an EP before disbanding in ‘95. Two years after the band reformed in 2014, Iron Bonehead Prod. released Vade Retro Satana, a compilation of all three demos as well as the kvlt classic The Gate of Deeper Sleep EP, originally released on Molon Lave Records. Now, over twenty years since they’ve released any new material, Disharmony are poised finally to unleash their debut LP, Goddamn the Sun. If you like your black metal arcane and your riffs memorable and slightly melodic you’ll instantly fall for this album. Goddamn the Sun sounds like something earnest and evil enough to have come out in ‘94, except the production rings true to the modern era, and there’s not an ounce of affectation to be found anywhere within earshot of this thing. 

Jam the exclusive premiere of “The Gates of Elthon” streaming below. It starts like a lost Black Sabbath track and ends like the beginning of a revelation. 

Goddamn The Sun has taken things exactly from where Disharmony had left [them] back in the glorious early 90’s.” says the band. “‘The Gates of Elthon’ is somehow the continuation of “The Gate of Deeper Sleep” that was released back in 1993. The classic slower doom parts, the old black metal feeling, the occult themes and mysticism. Everything is there . . . The Old Spirit is alive. Thee Spirits lead the path again.”

Get Goddamn the Sun March 3rd, 2017 from Iron Bonehead Prod.