Album Premiere: Hellmouth Prophesize Oblivion on New Crossover Rager

For those who often tear away from pictures of puppies, political rants and general clickbait drivel to check out song premieres on this website, the name Hellmouth may ring a gloriously blasphemous bell: in November of 2010 the Detroit crossover hellraisers announced limited editions of their then-upcoming album would be blessed with ashes from a centuries-old bible they torched (photos and story here).

The book burners return this month with Oblivion, the third piece in their concept trilogy… and no less piss and vinegar. Vocalist Jay Navarro had the following to say about the upcoming full-length, set for release on 1/27 via Fast Break! Records.

Hellmouth looms overhead like the specter of doom that covers our planet. Mutually assured destruction is one click away and we all know it. Some try and not think about it. They know it’s there, but they avoid the truth. The supernova of the sun will happen long after humanity has destroyed itself and this planet one way or another. Through feast or famine, we will be our own downfall. And we won’t go out quietly. Hellmouth is far more than a band. It is prophecy. It is art. It is pure from corruption, money, religion, & politics. Hellmouth is beyond any scene. Fuck humanity. Oblivion is all we know. It’s lurking the darkness of humanity. Fuck humans.

Melodic post-metal about breakups this is not. Stream the full 16 tracks of raging punk-fueled apocalyptic metal assault below. We encourage you to do so at maximum volume, although ridding the immediate area of incendiary objects and books may be a good idea.

Or not. Your call. Either way, we take no responsibility for damages. 

Pre-order Oblivion on CD and LP here for book-burning fuel.