Full Album Stream: LASER DRACUL Bring the Doom from Dusk ‘Til Dawn

German label Ván Records is absolutely killing it lately. With recent releases from King Dude, Vanik, and Kosmokrator, they’ve been cranking out top-notch darkness from an eclectic roster. Now they bring the doom with a vinyl re-release of Swedish trio Laser Dracul‘s crushing demo (scheduled for release on January 27th).

Chances are Laser Dracul don’t actually write, record, or live in the torch-lit cave pictured above. But their songs certainly dwell there, surrounded by the unblinking eyes of entranced vampire bats. Crafting tales of Hammer horror and local folklore amidst a swell of distortion, their demo’s a collision of British doom and Swedish rock. Picture With the Dead’s cosmic fuzz possessing an Orange Goblin bruiser while vocalist/bassist Micke channels L-G Petrov’s death ‘n’ roll snarl. From the first droning groove to the final hammer drop, there’s no sanctuary in Laser Dracul’s four-track, 31 minute riff-séance.

Go ahead and sink your fangs into Laser Dracul’s tasty demo. Below, also find thoughts on each song from drummer Henrik Östensson. But first: THE DOOM.

Drummer Henrik Östensson on “Black Moss”:

Östensson: Fear of darkness is something that most people can relate to. It is a hardwired mechanism in the human psyche, to protect oneself from what cannot be seen. This must have been particularly relevant before the arrival of electrical light and logical explanations for anything unknown and frightening. Like a grown up tells a child, “Don’t go near the woods after dark.” Because who knows what is waiting out there?

On “Dying at Sunrise”:

Östensson: A little story about “shadow rulers.” How governments all over the world have always been ruled by another race – in this case, one who also feeds on us. Not especially based on folklore, but a fascinating idea, I think.

On “Dancing with Demons”:

Östensson: An interpretation of old stories about how the young and the virtuous were lured out at night by the forces of evil to dance and fornicate under the moon.

On “Fear the Priest”:

Östensson: It is based on the story of Urbain Grandier, the french 15th century priest. He was accused of consorting with Satan, inducing mass possession with nuns, and was subsequently burned at the stake. Only, our priest here is the newcomer in a small, rural, very pious society.

On plans for 2017 and beyond:

Östensson: Our plans are to hone our stage skills. Play gigs here and there, in short. Making new music is a continually ongoing affair, so you will hear from us again. Can’t say exactly when that will happen, but sooner or later. Hopefully there will still be people interested in us then.

Pre-order the demo from Ván Records HERE. Follow Laser Dracul into their Facebook lair over HERE to keep tabs on their next nocturnal strike.