Track Premiere: Vomit Angel erupt with “Time of the Moon”

From the Danes who brought the world Sadogoat, and the bestial resurrectionists Sadomator, comes Vomit Angel—a new experience in disconcerting aural calamity. First released on tape last year from Headsplit Records, Vomit Angel’s debut, entitled Sadomatic Evil, is getting the vinyl treatment next month from Iron Bonehead Records.

Having left their bestial war tendencies behind, Lord Titan (drums/vocals) and Necrodevil (guitars/vocals) now shred deranged and nauseous blackened death metal. In just twenty minutes the duo bang out eight tracks of ill-tempered gnarliness in the highly intoxicated vein of early Sepultura and Sarcófago.

To somewhat alleviate, but mostly just to exacerbate further your need to hear Vomit Angel’s debut, we’re psyched to bring you this exclusive track premiere. “Time of the Moon” may not be an original Vomit Angel song, but—for all its warped guitars and vomitous vocals—they’ve certainly made it their own.


“The song [‘Time of the Moon’] was first recorded by Russian group t.A.T.u.,” says Necrodevil. “I don’t really know what it is about, the lyrics don’t make much sense. Maybe the Russian version is different, but I don’t understand Russian. Hmm . . . if I should make [an] interpretation of what I think it is about I would say it means stuff like live life to the full, don’t look back, don’t regret. Don’t care what others think and get rid of the negativity around you. But it is very open.”

Sadomatic Evil comes out on 12” vinyl on February 17th. Get it from Iron Bonehead Records.