STREAMING: Fides Inversa “Rite Of Inverse Incarnation”

The last time Fides Inversa released a full-length (2014’s Mysterium Tremendum et Fascinans) Ebola was making its way across West Africa, Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 disappeared off the Gulf of Thailand, ISIL began its terror campaign across northern Iraq, and Pope Paul VI was beatified by the Roman Catholic Church. All this negativity may not be the result of the Italians summoning seven hymns of hate and destruction, but there’s a good reason to believe the Rome-based duo wouldn’t be pleased with humanity in a chaos spiral.

Some two years later, the world is still a cesspool of decay and catastrophe (mostly human wrought) and Fides Inversa, which means Inverted Faith or Inverse Faith in Latin, are preparing an end-time soundtrack called Rite Of Inverse Incarnation. Two, 10-minute songs span the group’s new EP, and they are, in effect, the horns of doom, the trumpets of atrocity. Recorded over two nights, the EP inverts the will of all present-day gods and goddesses, and transmogrifies them into instruments of Hell. Decibel are privileged to have survived the interchange between Fides Inversa and the group’s label W.T.C. Productions. This flesh endurance has afforded us the ability to premiere the new Fides Inversa EP, Rite of Inverse Incarnation, providing we worship death, never have fun again, and never smile again, even if it’s in the worship of death.

Sound the orchestra of the apocalypse. We here present Fides Inversa’s Rite of Inverse Incarnation.

** Fides Inversa’s new EP, Rite Of Inverse Incarnation, is out January 13th on W.T.C. Productions. The EP is available for pre-order HERE for the infernally intrepid.