Track Premiere: Crurifragium unleash “Slaughterers of the Flocks”

From the ashes of Warpvomit, comes Crurifragium. Featuring members of the reformed Demoncy, as well as the sadly obscure Astraes Pestis, Crurifragium has had an iron grip locked around the throat of a good many metalheads ever since dropping their self-titled demo tape last year. If you’re already familiar their demo, you understand why so many of us have been anticipating with bated breath this release of Crurifragium’s first full length, Beasts of the Temple of Satan.

Otherwise, let’s break it down for you: Crurifragium play bestial blackened death metal replete with slow, jackhammer blastbeats, warped and pitch-shifted vocals (at least we hope they’re pitch-shifted), and solos like demons grabbed the tail and swung around viciously. On Beasts of the Temple of Satan, Crurifragium sound like Black Witchery facing off against Conqueror in a no-holds barred bare-chested battle to the death while early Deicide judges and occasionally tosses a bloodsimple lion or a blind minotaur into the mix just for the hell of it.

Think we’re kidding? Here’s “Slaughterers of the Flocks” for your self-maiming pleasure. And in the words of the Crurifragium themselves: “Behold Satan — Pray for your death!”

Get Beasts of the Temple of Satan January 30th from Invictus Productions.