You want the truth about “Lies,” the track we’re exclusively premiering this morning from upcoming extreme metal opus Soul Demise courtesy Italian quartet Maze of Sothoth? It’s dark, nasty, gloriously old school death metal that will gutpunch fans of early Morbid Angel, Vader, and Nile right in their deviant feels.

“This is the first track with the new line up and we wrote right after releasing our debut EP Guardian Of The Gate,” founding guitarist Fabio Marasco tells Decibel. “This led us to introducing some new elements to our sounds, blending our old school roots with some ‘modern’ and more technical vibes. I’d say this track has been the gateway to our current sound…Lyricwise its founded on the concept that a lie is what has always been exploited by all religions worldwide.”

Soul Demise is out January 9 via Everlasting Spew. Preorder here. Band logo by the great Mark Riddick, who Decibel interviewed back in September. Check out another track from the record below.