Track Premiere: Draugsól reveal “Bót Eður Viðsjá Við illu Aðkasti”

Just when you’re certain Iceland’s routed out all of its black metal bands, another one comes along and totally upsets what you had previously decided was the definitive Icelandic black metal vibe. Enter Draugsól. This Reykjavík-based trio boasts an amphoric and multifaceted sound not only unlike anything we’ve heard come out of Iceland, but novel on a global scale as well. Like a deep and foggy canyon, theirs is a glacially carved niche.

Six tracks in length, Draugsól’s debut album Volaða Land is a profound and elegant statement amid the anguished screams of an absurd and maddening existence. And today we’re privileged to bring an exclusive premiere of the third and arguably best track from the album with “Bót Eður Viðsjá Við illu Aðkasti”—don’t ask us.

But first here’s what Draugsól themselves have to say about their debut album, Volaða Land:

Gnawed by thoughts of mistake and ill deeds we blindly seek redemption. One might find it unfair, but: Our minds, our conscience. All our shortcomings, decisions and harm we have done is our own responsibility. There is no cosmic entity to blame, but ourselves. Morality and sin is bound to the individual, the self. Blame the world all you want.. O, pitiful and insignificant lifeform. The only solution is to dissect the ego and be enlightened. Will you rise above it or seek Victory in death?

Preorder your copy of Volaða Land from Signal Rex now. Available January 13th, 2017.