Video: Colosso – ‘In Memoriam’ Guitar Playthrough

When Decibel premiered Colosso in July, Dan Lake described the Portugese death metal band’s sound as “suffocatingly huge death metal.” Their recent full length, Obnoxious, stuck to that formula, using atmospheric moments to create breathing room in between groovy chugs that form the album’s chunky backbone.

Colosso guitarist Max Tomé recorded a guitar playthrough of “In Memoriam,” the first track on Obnoxious, which we have for your viewing pleasure today. Tomé says the version we hear on the album and playthrough is the final version of “In Memoriam.” In the end, the band chose the route of simplicity.

“The song had a few demo versions, with alternative endings, before we settled on this more simple one,” Tomé says.

Check it out now.

“‘In Memoriam’ was one of the first songs that we came up with for Obnoxious,” António Carvalho, Colosso’s second guitarist, says. “The intro riff appeared in one of the first rehearsals we did as a four piece and it rapidly evolved into this in your face, aggressive and direct death metal song you now know.”

Obnoxious is out now for purchase through Ape Whale.