Over the last three years Razorback Records co-owner/death-doom shredder extraordinaire Vanessa Nocera has unleashed an almost unfathomably insane amount of gore-festooned top-shelf extreme music via Surgikill, Wooden Stake, Cauldron Burial, and Howling — all while editing the underground horror culture mag Evilspeak!   

And, yet, as difficult as it may be to believe, there’s more enlivening, superior blood n’ bile in that well draw from: We’ve got an exclusive premiere of the rerecorded version of the riff-heavy Vaultwraith jam “Ravaged in the Crimson Mist” from the forthcoming 2017 full-length.

Check it out below along with a fascinating Vaultwraith history courtesy Nocera herself….

“Vaultwraith has a very long history. The band started in 2012 and was originally me on guitar/bass, Wayne from Decrepitaph/Ghoulgotha on drums, and Billy Nocera from Scaremaker on vocals. This line-up never happened due to Billy starting the band Orloff and Wayne and I were busy with our other bands. A few years later, a new line-up was introduced which was just me and Willie Wardlaw from Wooden Stake, but him and I did Wooden Stake instead.

“A few years later we talked about re-starting Vaultwraith with none other than Jim Sadist from Nunslaughter (R.I.P.) on drums, but we were never able to make that happen as Jim had passed away. I had talked to Jim about doing a band together for awhile and I really wanted it to be Vaultwraith. I was really saddened by his passing. He was a fan of my music with Wooden Stake and other bands and that was a great honor to hear that from him. He is greatly missed and his spirit is definitely still with Vaultwraith, which is a band very inspired by evil/dark themes. We’re calling ourselves ‘Devilcraft Metal’ which is definitely an homage to him and Nunslaughter as well.

“We decided to officially re-start Vaultwraith in the Summer of 2016 with a revamped line-up which includes Willie Wardlaw back in the band and here we are today with our debut 3 song demo, titled Wrath of the Wraith.

“The music is a mix of heavy/speed metal, mixed with death/black metal vocals and horror movie inspired keyboards. The band is like a mix of King Diamond, Celtic Frost, Nunslaughter, and Nocturnus. We really tried to mix things up and make it interesting and to have a very thick and evil/atmospheric sound but with melodies and catchy songs.”