Full EP stream: Stench Price – ‘Stench Price’

Dan Lilker!

Hmm, my editor is saying that’s not quite enough for a story, so, let me explain what I mean. Legendary grindman Dan Lilker is but one of many guests on Stench Price’s debut EP, which is a weirdo display of grind that we’re happy to be giving you the chance to stream below.

Siberian Peter G. Shallmin is the mainman behind Stench Price, and on this EP he’s enlisted the help of Lilker, Dave Ingram (Benediction), Rogga Johansson (Paganizer), Romain Goulon (Necrophagist), Max Phelps (Cynic), Karina Utomo (High Tension), and Shawn Knight (Child Bite). Every track on the EP has a different vocalist; to top it all off, the release was mixed and mastered by Tom Morris of Morrisound Recording fame. Shallmin assures us that Stench Price’s promise is that “you CAN dance through hard headbang!” so we think you’re in good hands.

The EP comes out on Wednesday, November 30 on Transcending Obscurity Records in a limited box-set format as well as standard formats; check it all out at the band’s Bandcamp page right here.

“The primary idea to mix raw death metal and grindcore combined with the relaxing warmth of bossa nova and lounge music originated in the early 2000s, when I had experiments surfing though many heavy styles as a composer, bass-guitar player, drummer and vocalist,” says Shallmin. “Being a long-time collector of unadapted Caribbean, Latin-American (mostly Brazilian) music, I’ve got a serious foundation since 2004 in writing music in bossa nova and lounge. In the EP, I desired to show a symbiosis of most intense fury and chilling atmosphere, which is inherent in bossa and lounge.”

“We’ll bring you the second EP straight after the debut,” he continues, “and this time we’ll put you into epicenter of grinding moshpit on Sambadrome at Brazilian carnival!”

We don’t know what that means! Enjoy!