Full Album Stream: Eye – ‘Vision and Ageless Light’

Clicking play on this stream of Eye’s new album, Vision and Ageless Light, is guaranteed to fill your ears with psychedelic sounds. Fusing the sounds of 1970s heavy metal with prog and psychedelia, Vision and Ageless Light has one foot in the past and one foot in the present day.

The influence of bands like Pink Floyd and Yes is immediately obvious, from the light vocals and guitar solos to the mesmerizing synthesizers parts. 

Vision and Ageless Light marks a new chapter in Eye’s development, as the band underwent a number of changes to reach its current lineup. 

“We joined forces with new members that we feel brought lots of great new energy to the sessions that went into bringing these songs to the stereo spectrum,” says keyboardist Lisa Bella Donna. “This lineup is rock solid and a great pleasure for all of us onstage and off.”

Already working on a double LP of music for 2017 as well as planning more live outings, Eye aren’t sitting still. Once you take a trip through Vision and Ageless Light, you can grab a preorder of the record through Laser’s Edge before its release tomorrow.