Full Album Stream: Dead Conspiracy – ‘Dead Conspiracy’

For Dead Conspiracy, this full-length has been a long time coming. After numerous demos, EPs and compilations since their 1987 formation, split and reformation in 2013, Dead Conspiracy is finally poised to release their first full-length of original material. 

Dead Conspiracy moves fast, wearing the band’s punk and thrash influences on their sleeves. The Portland outfit rips through the album ferociously. The addition of new vocalist Mike Abominator (ex-Gravehill) is a welcome one, his growls and screams throwing a pinch of black metal into the mix. 

Dead Conspiracy is also joined on this album by new drummer Eric A. 

“This time around we were exactly where we wanted to be creatively,” bassist Eric Dorsett says. “Eric A. is a beast of a punk/metal drummer having played with the likes of Religious War, Defiance, Poison Idea, Skull Splitter, Aspirin Feast, etc.  He also, wrote/co-wrote 2 songs on this album. His creativity has been a breath of fresh air that shows in the tunes.”

November 15 marks the release of Dead Conspiracy’s self-titled. Preorder it here