This Saturday (11/12) at the Dark Arts — a Philly-based “collaborative organization made up of like-minded individuals who live and breath all things dark and heavy” — brings a multimedia smorgasbord of malevolence to the City of Brotherly Love with “Black Metal”: In addition to performances by five crazy sick bands — Anicon, Wayfarer, Surgeon, Necroscythe, and Dreadlords — the event will also feature renegade art and readings by dark authors, including current and past Decibel contributors Sean Frasier, Dutch Pearce, and Andrew Bonazelli.

“Our mission is to bring together underground artists and musicians, painters, tattooers, screen-printers, illustrators, writers, and anyone on the peripherals of society,” Dark Arts ringmaster and Anthropic Records founder Shannon Void said of the series, which also includes a monthly pop-up art showcase, We Are All Doomed.

Void was kind enough to provide the following five reasons why this Dark Arts show in particular should not be missed…

1. You can see 30+ dark artists from Philadelphia and beyond, see five amazing bands and experience the horrors of six authors for $10. There is no other event in Philadelphia of it’s kind that celebrates all things dark and bleak under one roof.

2. The event is put together by a collective of artists and musicians that have been working in dark arts in some capacity for ages.   From the production staff to the door person, everyone is a volunteer who cares deeply for strengthening and fostering dark art and music.

3. Networking. Meet other artists, musicians and like-minded folk.  If you are looking for new bands to play with, artists to work with, your future life partner or that perfect addition to your porno-grind/samurai death metal band, this is the place. 

4. Event is held in a secret location, in a DIY space/house, under the “L” train where we have monthly metal shows and quarterly full gallery events. The event is “invite only” so if you know the address, keep it to yourself, narc. 

5. A wolf lives here: