Video Premiere: Tarnkappe – “Winterwaker”

Tarnkappe’s music doesn’t come with many frills. Eschewing the more experimental elements of black metal, Tarnkappe embraces and unleashes the cold (literally and figuratively), driving sounds of second wave black metal on “Winterwaker.” 

The music video is pretty quintessential black metal: snow, frozen ground, dark forests and moon shots, all packaged in a black and white video. 

“Winterwaker” keeps a mid-tempo pace, supported by frequent blast beats, tremolo picking and screams that sound like they could destroy vocal cords. The end result is a biting piece of black metal, heavy on atmosphere. 

It’s the second taste of Tarnkappe’s forthcoming Winterwaker, and it seems that this is the sound to expect on the record. 

Hammerheart Records will release Winterwaker on December 1. Preorders are available here