Haug Makes Three Floyds Even Heavier

Haug (r) with 3 Floyds' Chris Boggess

Though we have our monthly Brewtal Truth beer column in the magazine, it’s not often we offer up breaking news from the brewing world. This, however, is definitely very metal brewing news. Todd Haug, who two weeks ago stepped down as Head of Brewing Operations at Minneapolis’ Surly Brewing, has revealed that he will be taking the position of Director of Brewery Engineering at Chicago area brewery, Three Floyds, starting Nov. 7.

Three Floyds, known for its metal-themed Dark Lord Day beer release held every April at the brewery, as well as collaboration brews with Pelican, High On Fire, Pig Destroyer, Municipal Waste, At the Gates, Amon Amarth, Eyehategod and more, is the perfect (and obvious) fit for Haug. In fact, after texting us the news of his new position, he followed up with, “Duh, right.”

Haug, who’s “other” job is lead guitarist in ’80s thrashers Powermad, will team up with Three Floyds head brewer, and longtime friend, Chris Boggess (featured in the Brewtal Truth column in the current issue of Decibel) in his new position. Haug’s brewing expertise and metal bona fides will further cement Three Floyds’ reputation for amazing beer brewed with a very metal attitude.

To put it in terms that Decibel readers might better understand, Haug’s leaving Surly for Three Floyds is the craft beer equivalent of Bruce Dickinson exiting Samson to join Iron Maiden circa 1982. It’s gonna do big things for Three Floyds and it will definitely be a huge loss for Surly.