Video Premiere: Nordjevel – ‘Djevelen I Nord’

Nordjevel emerged from Norway earlier this year with their debut self-titled full length, showing off an affinity for crafting strong traditional black metal. The Ostfold-based outfit didn’t shy away from explosive blast beats, tremolo picking and sinister vocals on their debut.

Today, the band released their music video for “Djevelen I Nord.” The video is gorgeous and features some of the main black metal staples: corpse paint, trolls, giant demons and a dark, snowy outdoor landscape as the ode to the north pours from vocalist Doedsadmiral’s mouth.

In the video, the trolls and demon terrorize a group of people and soldiers as Doedsadmiral stands in the middle of a collection of eerie ruins.

“Djevelen I Nord” was directed by Marcin Halerz at Red Pig Productions. Nordjevel was released on January 14 through Osmose Productions and can be purchased here.