STREAMING: Deranged “Shivers Down Your Broken Spine”

There’s death metal. And there’s brutal death metal. While the line, for most laymen, is either blurred or non-existent, things ramp up quickly when Sweden’s Deranged feel like an album’s due. There’s death metal and then there’s Deranged! Five years in the making, following 2011’s barbaric Cut Carve Rip Serve, Deranged’s new album, Struck By A Murderous Siege, finds the Swedes in full-on rage mode. Throughout the group’s untethered ninth album, they bark rabidly and relentlessly, as if there’s no concept of an “off” switch.

Drummer Rikard Wermén, the only original member left, is at it again. He chews through Thomas Ahlgren’s meaty riffs with the ease of a M2 Browning mowing down enemy troops. The dude, unlike the machine gun, never seems to run out of ammo, too. He’s a monster! Also making their return are frontman/croaker Anders Johansson and bassist Andreas Johansson. While much of death metal centers on the old, particularly anything before 1995, Deranged prove, 25 years on, that they’re still kings of American-ized almost always brutal death metal.

Rejoice in the bloodbath that is Struck By A Murderous Siege!

** Deranged’s new album, Struck By A Murderous Siege, is out October 28th on Agonia Records. Struck By A Murderous Siege is available in physical formats (CD, vinyl) located HERE and digitally, located HERE. Get sick today! Pick up a copy of Struck By A Murderous Siege!