For Those About to Squawk: Waldo Pecks on Hot Topic Black Metal

What’s up fools? You know just pecking out some new releases here and telling you about them, like if that’s your thing and all… oh yeah and make sure to “grab her by the pussy”…

Get your redneck stomp on, OBITUARY are releasing Ten Thousand Ways To Die, which is 2 new songs and a handful of live tracks taken off of their Inked In Blood tour recorded in various cities. Where to start off, well, how about the new tracks. “Loathe” and “Ten Thousand Ways To Die” are the new tracks here, supposedly a teaser for their upcoming full length on Relapse in 2017. So these jams sound like Obituary, and are heavy, like in only that way that Obituary can be heavy. The weird thing here is the guitar tone is like real fuzzed out, like I’m growing a beard just hearing it fuzzed out. So, yeah, those tracks are cool. On to the rest, well, there’s classic live tracks, and while some sound better than the others (mostly because they are live), they just seem unnecessary. I mean, it’s cool to hear them and all, it’s just who needs a bunch of Obituary live tracks? I’m not going to spray birdshit all over this, but it just seems there’s no real reason for this to be around. So like, I’ll say this is cool, but for fans… 6 Fucking Pecks.

WHOA, what the peck is this garbage? WALDGEFLUSTER?!?! I mean people like this? This is “black metal” made for like people that shop at Hot Topic. Ruinen CLEARLY takes a page out of Dimmu’s sound, kinda folky at times, epic sounding and like I dunno… but it blows. This record is weaker than Trump’s defense when he said “grab her by the pussy”. I mean, maybe this band used to be intense, but I dislike this so much that I feel ZERO need to do any research on this. This is a tot bog sitch, so like pick this up if your testicles haven’t descended yet. 2 Fucking Pecks.

How can I not review a band called WARCRAB? I gotta tell you I like the name. But before I even hear it, the title Scars Of Aeon REALLY throws me off.  So these Brits can thrash it out, and on this, it’s just thrash, the one things that sticks out is that the solos (the guy can play) just come across as pretty goofy. So this is thrash, pretty much by the numbers, but the production here is cool and definitely doesn’t suck. You know how thrash bands start writing slower songs? It seems that this kind of suffers from this, there are some upbeat parts, but not enough of them for me. There’s potential here, and that name. 5 Fucking Pecks.