Full Album Stream: The Powder Room’s “Lucky”

When you hear something you like it’s hard not to straddle it with names of other albums that have moved you. Fortunately, in the case of The Powder Room’s sophomore album, these names are all good ones. Lucky — out today — reminds us an awful lot of several records that crept out of the 80s underground, among them Big Black’s Atomizer and Black Flag’s In My Head. True, there is clean singing but the guitar sounds and percussion just leer at you and trifle with menace in a similar way as those classics. You can even pick up some mid-90s studio grunge in there, but in a way that doesn’t suck. And the bass on this album is, in the words of Donald Trump, YUGE.

If you like songs you will like Lucky; it’s both brash and listener-friendly, spooky and sugary sweet. Give it a listen below. Physical copies are available from Learning Curve