STREAMING: Adaestuo “Destroyer Of Constellations (Niszczyciel Gwiazdozbiorów)”

“A shifting vortex of horrific black metal, at first relentless in its force and momentum yet giving way to a metamorphosis that is utterly bleak and haunting. A chilling vocal performance by Hekte Zaren that combines scathing black metal vocals with dismal funeral operatics, sets this gem far apart from the redundant and the mundane.”

This is the statement Decibel received from the Adaestuo’s closest confidant, someone mysteriously named V. Now, if we parse the paragraph, we find several truths. One, Adaestuo fit squarely into the horrific category. By blending early Emperor musical theatrics with Monumentum-like vocal forays (front woman Hekte Zaren recalls, in parts, Francesca Nicoli’s ghostly moans) and otherworldly ambient passages, the vibe created by Adaestuo is best described as harrowing. Two, the four-song EP, named Tacent Semitae, is nasty, savage, and unyielding, while also parlaying the kind of tortured melancholy present on Sadness’ Ames de Marbre effort. Three, Adaestuo are far from redundant or mundane. In fact, Tacent Semitae is a genre best, fitting next to Deathspell Omega’s Si Monvmentvm Reqvires, Circvmspice and Inquisition’s Ominous Doctrines of the Perpetual Mystical Macrocosm with relative ease.

Now, Decibel presented Kyy’s “Legio Serpenti” last week. This week, we have Adaestuo’s “Destroyer Of Constellations (Niszczyciel Gwiazdozbiorów)”. Welcome, officially, to Black Monday!

** Adaestuo’s new EP, Tacent Semitae, is out November 11th on World Terror Committee Productions. Pre-orders are not yet available, but when they are clicking this link (HERE) will send you to the right hell of hells. Bow!