Video Premiere: Take Over and Destroy – “Let Me Grieve”

It’s October, which means it’s the season for all things creepy in preparation for Halloween and it looks like Take Over and Destroy got the memo. The video for their new song, “Let Me Grieve,” is set in a fictional TV show with Take Over and Destroy performing in between horror movie showings. 

The reluctant hosts don’t seem prepared for the black ‘n’ rollers’ performance as they take the spiderwebbed, candlelit stage. When Take Over and Destroy’s set is over, the “hosts” awkwardly confirm they definitely weren’t ready. 

Watch the video below and keep reading for a comment from the band. 

“The video for us is an homage to late night creature features. Son of Svengoolie, Ghoulardi, as well as others. We’d often talk at length about these crazy bastards with our producer, Bob Hoag, who plays the host in our video. It would have been a dream to be a musical guest on a program like that, but unfortunately shows like that don’t exist, and if they did I doubt they’d want us. That’s the tone of the video. They don’t want us there, and we’re oblivious to that.”

Take Over and Destroy’s self-titled album is out today through Prosthetic Records and is available to purchase here