Nick Bowcott to Join Grim Reaper for Two US Shows

Grim Reaper rose to fame in the 1980’s in the midst of the new wave of British heavy metal, releasing three albums before legal troubles and a changing musical climate eventually led the band to hang it up. The group developed a recognizable sound thanks to vocalist Steve Grimmett and guitarist Nick Bowcott. 

Grimmett has carried Grim Reaper’s legacy on under the name Steve Grimmett’s Grim Reaper. While Bowcott has largely been uninvolved with performing with this incarnation of the band, he has in the past and will again on Steve Grimmett’s Grim Reaper’s upcoming tour. 

Bowcott will play two shows with the band on their tour, in Los Angeles and Phoenix on October 10 and 11. Though they will be playing songs from Grimmett’s latest effort, Walking in the Shadows, Bowcott says to expect songs from Grim Reaper’s classic albums See You in Hell, Fear No Evil and Rock You to Hell

“I’m delighted to be joining him [Grimmett] and his kick-ass band on stage for those songs in LA & Phoenix,” Bowcott says. “This’ll be the third time in two years I’ve done this and it’s gonna be a blast… especially as we’ll be doing a couple of songs the original band never performed live, in addition to the ‘usual suspects.’ I’m far beyond psyched!”

More details about the upcoming tour can be found on Grim Reaper’s Facebook. Grim Reaper’s See You in Hell was ranked on Decibel‘s Top One Hundred Old-School Metal Albums of All Time — grab that issue here to see where it placed.