Asphyx’s “Incoming Death” Strikes Today!

Today, Death arrives not on a pale horse, but in the form of Incoming Death, the ninth full-length from the Dutch death/doom institution and dB faves Asphyx. The morbid missile launched courtesy of Century Media, and can be purchased in physical and digital formats from your favorite retailers. We could explain more on this rager of an album (which Deciscribe Dan Lake called “as strong a record as you’ll hear in 2016, the work of a broadly talented band in a scene lousy with one-trick ponies,”) but instead we’ll leave that to the legendary vocalist Martin van Drunen, who recorded this exclusive clip for us from a recent visit to CM HQ:

If the new album doesn’t doom you to death enough (which we adamantly believe it will), we also happen to have the exclusive track “Deathibel” recorded by the deathhammering titans and featured in our flexi series. Grab you flexi (before it’s the last one on earth) in the June 2016 issue