Shittiest Video of the Week: Darke Complex – “Void”

I feel that reviewing this video is unfair. It’s like if a food critic walked into a restaurant and was only allowed to taste the ketchup. Darke Complex is such a multifaceted band when it comes to being terrible that this brief clip is a mere toe dip into the abyss of their artistic failings. 

But, you were promised a shitty video review, so let’s wheel this thing out.

To begin, imagine a reboot of The Goonies where they wander through a props department before being trapped inside “Hotline Bling.” And before you assume this is a stretch, here are two screenshots from “Void”:

And here is the radio jam of the summer:

Ignoring that Drake strikes the most menacing image of the three, the band clearly was hoping to piggyback this aesthetic, while adding their sense of style.

That’s why the sweatshirted singer is wearing a Hannibal Lecter mask at all times, and… well, between the motorcycle jersey, the Lacoste hat and various chains and glasses they all just pretty much look like they’re waiting for Two Chainz to come in and drop a guest verse at any moment. 

And there is nothing wrong with skipping the gauntlets and battle jackets for a more unique look, if the look you choose is not so damn goofy. But the drummer here is done up like your burnout uncle who recently decided to start selling Molly…

The singer, need I remind you, paired a cable knit sweater with a gimp mask. And the back-up dancers may possibly trick you into thinking you’ve stumbled upon the new “Blurred Lines” if you listen with the sound off. But at full volume their dead-eyed gyrations show how this won’t be the biggest jam of any season. 

As I said, there is much about this band to dig into, and you may very well feel rewarded for expending the effort. But if you can only mock one thing today, then Drake Compl… Darke Complex’s “Void” is where it’s at.