Full Album Stream: Mercyless’ ‘Pathetic Divinity’

If you wanna categorize French death/thrashers Mercyless as “retro,” I won’t argue with you. I mean, their website is so straight out of 1995 that it might as well have a fucking Geocities address. 

Fortunately, unlike their web presence, the band’s musical output has actually evolved in the 30 years since their inception as Merciless (the band changed their name in 1991 to avoid confusion with the Euronymous-approved Swedish death/thrashers of the same name). For evidence, look no further than Pathetic Divinity, the group’s first new album in three years and debut for France’s Kaotoxin records, which is streaming right below!

Pathetic Divinity drops October 7, but you can (should) pre-order it from Kaotoxin here